Brugmansia, angel trumpet, species, description and photos

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Frucht der B.suaveolensBlüte mit 8 Zipfeln B.suaveolens

B. suaveolens originates from the milder lowlands of the rainforests in large parts of Brazil. Spread by humans, it is now found in many tropical regions.

B. suaveolens is a well-growing Brugmansia. It is the Brugmansia with the largest distribution in Europe. The flowers of the pure suaveolens are very thin-walled and therefore very sensitive to rain, and in cool, rainy summers the flowers quickly develop brown spots. B. suaveolens has flowers that nod downwards at an angle with very short fringed tips. The most common flower colour is white, but there are also pink and yellow forms. Although the flowers normally have 5 tips, there are very often variations with 4 to 8 tips. It is not yet clear what causes these variations.


KlivienseiteClivia, also known as strapleaf, has a long history in Europe. Originally from South Africa, it was named Clivia after a botanical revision by Lady Charlotte Florentine Clive, the Duchess of Northumberland.

Fotoseite Many theories of photography, as there is still no unified and comprehensive 'theory of photography' is still lacking. In photographic practice, the desired pictorial message is increasingly determined by the by the appropriate photographic techniques.

Brugmansien, EngelstrompetenVery often, people accept the decisions of others as final. They resign themselves to the seemingly inevitable and come to terms with the circumstances. Of course, sometimes it is unavoidable and necessary for a risk-free existence.

Chiliseite, BeschreibungenOn this page you can learn about domesticated species of the genus Capsicum. The Solanaceae family consists of the subfamilies Cestreae (tobacco), Nicandra (poison berry), Solaneae with the genera Capsicum and Solanum, as well as Datura.

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